Thursday, April 22, 2010

~been too long

It's spring.... my plants are sprouting, the windows are coming out of the sun porch, and places like Home Depot become a standard date destination for Rob and me. I am a bad mom. I completely failed to blog about B's first birthday. Perhaps its a good sign that I'm just enjoying being in the moment. Or that I'm just too tired or absorbed into facebook to pull up blogspot. Eitherway, I really want to change that. B is a big crazy 1 year old. She chatters to anyone willing to listen. Libby is still her best buddy. Especially as she is learning to give Libby really good butt scratchings. Grandma Nita flew in for a whirlwind visit recently. She and B just hit it off like peas and carrots right from the moment we got her from the baggage claim. It was amazing to wake up to the sounds of her and Grandma chatting and giggling each morning. It was perfect timing too as I was just entering into my annual "i need to get back to washington NOW!" funk. While it did not extinguish my plan to get us all transplanted in the northwest, it drove home the reasons why I long to be back home. I can tell that its not just me. Rob shows the sign of something building up as well. That tell tale underlying sense of being unsettled has been stirring things up. This usualy precedes a huge change for us. Scary at first, but so far each change has resulted in a wonderful new phase for us. So bring it on!! We've got faith, yes we do. We've got faith. How bout you!!!! Now.... onto thinking up some interesting blog posts so I can keep on this....

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