Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm just saying.......

This is what I think of......

When I look at her pig tails.

I wish I could rock the squirrel ears.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

blue funk

Sometimes I question God's logic in making hormones. I mean, yes, they drive us to do things like fall in love and all sorts of passionate things. But seriously, 90% of the time, they are back firing and causing more trouble than they are worth. My day started out lovely. We bundled up and headed out the door for some thrift storing and errand running. Once we come home, it was like I was crashing from some horrible drug. I was sullen, wanted to be alone, and then fighting really hard to keep from crying. And NOTHING had happened to make me feel this way. If God ever asks me for some input, cuz you know.... I'm sure he/she will one of these days, I might suggest a handy little reset button. Something where I can hold the button down for 20 seconds until the whole system shuts down and restarts all fresh and new. My hope in writing this is that my funk lifts before B wakes from her nap and is looking for a mom that will dance and play instead of the current mom who'd rather crawl under her blanket.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I heart coffee dates

One of my most favorite things in this world, is going to the old coffee shop I used to work at, and see our friend Carly. We treated ourselves to bagels and coffee and banana.

I'm sad to admit that my #1 reason for frequenting that place is about to move out of state. So I need to enjoy it while I can.

Dusting off the keyboard...

I can't believe I haven't taken the time to come in here and write something about our trip to Washington and Christmas! But I've been on project mode and facebook sucking mode. So to get things rolling again, here are my favorite things of the last week or so.... We had the luxury of an indoor farmers market Saturday. I say luxury as Green Bay is not the most progressive about public markets and the closest thing we usually have is 2 dedicated farmers that come sell their eggs and what not at the local juice bar. Not much. We left there with a huge loaf of cheesy garlic bread from the Seven Loaves Project and some fresh eggs. Then we got to St Vinnies just as the doors were opened. Rob snagged two hand painted Raggedy Ann and Andy pictures to go with B's vintage Raggedy Ann motif. On the way home, we decided to cruise the neighborhoods down by the coal piles and warehouses. For all the faults people see in my neighborhood, I still say it has some of the most amazing buildings and oddities if you take the time to look. Little known fact, our neighborhood, Fort Howard, was originally a military fort built on top of an old swamp. The vaccine for malaria was discovered in my neighborhood. Probably right down where the laundromat now stands. With a couple fresh inches of snow from the night before, we drove our camper van, Black Betty, around and played by the loading docks taking pictures. You know, being good role models for our daughter who watched from the back of Betty. She's used to it though. Its not uncommon for her and I to take a side trip if I spot some train cars with a fresh coat of graffiti on em. Here's some of my favorites.
This was possibly the first picture I snapped when we hopped out in the cold. My sweet ol' man.... can't wait to take a picture like this in Ireland one day.

I love catching him with his guard down. Ask him to "make love to the camera" and this is the response I get.

I look a smidge pissed in several of these shots. I didn't think about the glare on the snow in the eyes.

Then we headed over to the place where we bought our pellet stove.

And then we decided it was too cold and another pot of coffee at home sounded better.