Saturday, December 12, 2009

old school blocks

So we put the word out that this Christmas is gonna be a simple handmade toy Christmas for the little girl. We have plenty of years where she actually asks for things with a million plastic parts. For now we will blissfuly try to keep it simple. With that, I had been in love with the decopauged blocks I was seeing on Etsy. But could not afford the cost of them. So, here was my first attempt at handmade letter blocks for Bridget. There will definetly be more made in the future.
So, first go to your local craft shop and get the blocks you want. I got ours from Woodworker's Depot but I noticed today at Michael's they have them as well. I started out trying to make my own decopage glue but in the end bought the bottle of collage pague from the store and got the best results. Cut squares of paper just 1/8 inch smaller than the side of the cube. Paste on the back of the paper and the side of the cube. Stick it on and then coat the front of the paper too. Use your finger to smooth out any bubbles in there.Then I put my rotary tool to good use and sanded down the edges and corners. Added a couple more coats of the sealer and here we have the cutest blocks in town.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy 8 months!!

She's such a little. Remember the Littles? teeny lil mouselike people. Her smiles in the morning get me through the day at work. She's working so hard to figure it all out. You can already see the stubborn streak and the determination. She army crawls her little self everywhere around the house. Put her in the walker and she's off like a rocket. The poor dog doesn't know what to do.... on the one hand, the walker provides lots of opportunities for stealing her snacks on the sly. But on the other hand, it allows Bridge to move faster and catch Libby on the heels. Either way, Bridge loves it. So happy 8 month birthday beautiful one! So many possibilities lie ahead for you!!