Friday, November 20, 2009


today I am thankful for every moment I get to show my little family how much they mean to me..... I am thankful for the after work dances that Bridget and I share... and I am thankful for the random text message during the day where Rob just sends his love.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Miss Accomplishment

It is such a nice morning. Rob is still off at the youth gathering. Bridget is sleeping away in her room. I am sipping my thai coffee(i can be more daring with the spiced coffees when Rob is away) and anxiously waiting to try Bridget's new patchwork pants on her. Her little life seems to progress at light speed lately. Where crawling seemed so far away.... suddenly she's getting up on them hands and knees with determination. Where once she could barely get that cheerio to her lips, now she shovels in handfulls of squash and steals the spoon away if I am not doing it right. But she's still my baby..... all baby. Trusting, daring, teasing little baby of mine. She is figuring out what makes us laugh and then works hard to get it right. Last night I watched her try to make the dog laugh. Libby is a hard audience. She would stick out her tongue, wag that head, and bark but Libby would only look at us with this look like "um, I think the kid is having some sort of fit. would you do something please?" Finally Bridge turned to us completely baffled at why the dog wouldn't talk back to her.