Thursday, April 22, 2010


I have to say, Sara from should be my personal buyer. Little does this woman realize that I seem to purchase or want to purchase everything she gushes over. But the way I see it, she has to be frugal with what she buys and she researches her stuff thoroughly. With limited space, she is bound to get something that will last, was made by a company with good business practises, and its practical. That said, I had been intrigued by her Ergo baby carrier. Like many of my friends, she believes in attachment parenting and having a good carrier that is versatile and durable is a priority. I have played around with different slings and carriers over the years. In my nanny days, I pretty much only had the sling. A lot of moms will sing the praises of these, but I was never EVER able to wear one for a long period of time and be comfortable. Then we got one of those structured Bjorn'like ones from the toy store when B was a bright new lil thing.
But as she got bigger, she just sort of seemed like a little stuffed sausage in there dangling out in front of us. So with the arrival of Easter bunny money, I got Rob on board and we ordered a not totally new Ergo from . For those of you that need a bargain, you can get around $15 off the price. And when it arrived, I could have just sung from the rooftops. This thing ROCKS! I had some fears that B would not completely take to the whole carrier thing. Since I couldn't find a carrier I liked, and she was almost a year old, and a very independent little boog, I feared she would push and fuss to be put down the whole time. She seemed perplexed the first time. But once we were out and about, she was definitely into being up high and seeing the world from our level. Her only issue is that she likes to see what's coming and in this, she has to pull at my arm to turn and let her see where we are going.
We were at the new and improved dog park that day. I think she was watching her Libby wrastling with some other big dogs. The other thing I adore about this is that because she is directly against me, she gets all snuggly and will rest her face on my back and give the heaviest sweetest sighs and hums to me. Nothing feels better. So, with that said, I know I'm preaching to the choir as Rob and I are probably the only people who read this blog, but thank you God for the woman who designed these lovely carriers! And as a side note, how sexy does my mister look as a bald man??

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