Sunday, March 6, 2011

holding pattern

It's always strange when you're in that holding pattern just before a change. Or atleast what you've prayed to change. Maybe it's presumptive for me to assume change is around the corner. Until the unknowns start moving, I'm doing my best to create or stimulate change around me. Long ago I put some stuff up on etsy but then lost any free time thanks to my job. So I'm delving back in and trying to decide which mediums to hone in on. My first start is an homage to our beloved Nashville. I thought I would share a look at our work table. I have loads of tshirt ideas but I wonder if Etsy's tshirt market is saturated enough already.

This is how I feel inside waiting to see what the next year or two has instore for us.

And I thought the progression of these shots were funny. She is obsessed with the computer keyboard so we bought a $2 keyboard at Salvation Army and I cut off the cord so B could have her own to "work" on. She hauls it around the house with the old cordless phone. I told Rob, I might start to worry if she includes a coffee cup under her arm. Basicly, here is my work day...
9am... coffee is flowing and I'm wide awake

noon.... more phone calls, more complaints, and I'm starting to fade....

5 oclock and I'm still not going home anytime soon... ready to pull a Costanza and hide under my desk.

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