Wednesday, March 23, 2011

and mother nature laughed in my face.....

A lovely spring blizzard.... how thoughtful. Its just what I wanted. Mother Nature heard my taunting post and delivered us a lovely pile of 12 inches of snow. The snow plows were working like mad to clear the roads. Our alley, on the other hand, was not a priority until late in the day. So all of this excitement earned me a snow day from work. B and I watched Rob shovel out the sidewalk and steps. I brewed extra pots of coffee. Libby, being her usual agreeable self, let B love the begezus out of her.

Feeling guilty for staying home, I cleaned, sorted and boxed up piles of give away stuff from our craft room. One of the things that digs at me is the pile of old stock from when I would sell patchwork clothes at festivals. So the pile of dusty never worn clothes have been hauled out and I'm cutting and reconstructing into new fresh pieces. It's been far too long since I put anything up on etsy. Feels so good to see boxes disappearing from the corners of our catch all room. I think I lived in denial all these years, not realizing just how much stuff we had accumulated and held onto simply because we had the space. I'm an avid thrift storer. If it were an Olympic sport, I'd probly compete. Looking at all of this stuff that is heading right back, it helps to remind me to only bring home what we really need. Watching Hoarders helps too. hahaha. One mention of that show and nearly everyone I know can name at least one person in their life with a hoarding problem. I'm glad to say some of my biggest thrills lately are when Rob tells me what old furniture was swooped up today from our freecycle posts or when we get a load of boxes in the car and dropped off at St. Vinnies. Now I just need to add Etsy to the mix and I'll be a happy girl.
Speaking of happy girl, thank you Jesus for holding off on the blizzard until the day after our weekly milk delivery. Filling this carrier with the empties gives me a giddy little joy each week. Emptying those bottles and running around with the carrier makes B a happy girl. And knowing we are supporting the local dairy farmers makes Rob and I feel all warm and fuzzy. We are blessed.

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