Wednesday, March 30, 2011

and then she was 2.....

Today we celebrate B's 2nd birthday. How is it possible??? It seems like she's always been this age and yet I can't believe she's become this talking, singing, creative little person over night. The morning started out by suprising her with balloons over her bed when she woke up. I thought that would be a sweet tradition and started last year. So Rob hustled off to the store before I even woke up so he could have them in her room bright and early. The first thing out of her mouth was "Whoa!!!!!!!"

Then a special breakfast of crepes with lavender raspberry sauce and whip cream. Although she loves the whip cream, turns out the little lady prefers her crepes plan.

Next we ventured out to the local book store to pick out a new book(another birthday tradition I wanted to start.)

We picked up A Sick Day for Amos McGee written by Philip Stead and illustrated by Erin Stead. The artwork was amazing and the tale of caring for one another was too sweet. Next to the book is the awesome fire truck the Rosa family sent B.

After that, we hustled home knowing there was cake and more presents from far away to open.

coloring in her new aqua doodle coloring pad

And I can't deny that I have some serious toy envy... they have really stepped up their game with the Pianosaurus. Mine was not nearly as cool.

We pretty much spent as much time as possible out on the sun porch soaking up rays and playing the new keyboard.

All in all, a wonderful day together and celebrating this smart and silly little girl that completes me in ways I never knew I needed completing.


  1. Very cool! I want to be your child when it's my birhtday.