Sunday, January 10, 2010

leaps of faith

Today was the first day of my second semester back to school. I am pretty much at the point in the game where the momentum has picked up and there are few opportunities for me to stop and second guess it. Plus, I have to admit, I look smokin hot in scrubs. I mean..... I had no idea just how natural they would feel. Rob and I were sitting on the couch after my class and he said "it just looks like you were always supposed to be a nurse." We learned how to wash our hands, put on gowns and gloves, strip a bed and make it again, and that it is universally hilarious when a penis falls off a mannequin. There were a few times I got the self doubts. The idea of performing a bed bath on a perfect stranger... getting felt up by old men(or women) patients.... But I realized that I have done most of these scary things before. Okay, maybe not a perfect stranger, but I've cared for others with serious needs and I survived. So I am excited again. Now if only Bio Chem would be this entertaining and affirming. This week, I shall take a note from baby Slim....

Now is the time to be brave. Charge out there into uncharted lands with determination. You may come away with a few bruises but to walk or crawl with a brave little spirit is a sure fire way to conquer your goals.

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