Wednesday, January 13, 2010

dust doesn't lie

No, dust doesn't lie. I am the worst duster in the world. I always forget to do it until its simply ridiculous. And its those moments where I have a physical reminder of what I have not worked on in a long time. Maybe its the mandolin hanging on the wall. Or sometimes its my guitar or my bible or something else that should be put to use. Yet that poor little tv remote never gets a chance to gather dust. But this post is not about the tv... not this time. I was making dinner tonight and decided to make brown rice instead of the basmati rice that I love so dearly. As I pulled the giant pickle jar where I keep my brown rice on the shelf, I was horrified to see it had a layer of dust so bad that I had to get the scrubber and wash it off before I would open it. Has it really been that long since I opted for the brown rice? There was a time when we were trying to solve the infertility riddle that I switched us over to a pcos friendly whole grain granola mama pantry and loved it. I knew what I wanted and did what I had to. So when did I decide that I had reached the summit? What was it that made me justify going back down the hill once I was pregnant? Maybe I was lulled into the false belief that just because I was having the rockstar healthy pregnancy, that it must be okay to go back to the mindless habits of the past? So, with that.... its time to drag out those wonderful books and be a more conscious cook, wife, and mommy. I am sorry brown rice jar. You will never get that fuzzy again. My apologies vegetable drawer. You shall be filled with crispy goodness again.

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