Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiti's babies....

To anyone in the midst of a journey through the adoption process or the battle with infertility, my prayers go out to you right now. There is so much loss that I can not even grasp the magnitude of it all. But its pictures like this one that I found on CNN... they stop me in my tracks. I'm thrown back into that heart ache of when we desperately just wanted to hold our own child. Adoption has been something I've contemplated ever since I was diagnosed with infertility issues in highschool. Even though we were finally blessed with our Bridget, we are both at peace with whatever way the next family member arrives. Seeing these beautiful children once again thrown to the wind... its more than my heart can bear. They have survived so much in their short short lives. They had a mother who prayed for their safe delivery into this world. Someone had dreams for them. The dice got thrown again and their fates are uncertain as always. My prayers are for these frightened little boys and girls to have strong loving person to get to them in time.

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