Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 9 Months Peanut!

Dear Bridget,
You are such a scream. Every day I am more convinced that you will be crazier than any of the other girls in my family. I thought Kate would win that award until Mary came along. But the wild look of mischief that crosses your little 9 month old face stops me in my tracks and makes me celebrate..... and cringe when I think what a 13 year old with that same wild streak might do.

But mostly I celebrate. We have lots of time to try and direct that fountain of spazz. I have failed miserably at keeping a baby book or even tracking on your dear little calender. But Ill blame that on being too in the moment to jot things down. One thing I don't want to forget is how singing BINGO cures anything for the length of time it takes to sing it. And I love how those little wheels are turning when you try to remember how to sign for more. And how when you are just on the verge of saying mama or daddy, you almost purposely stop and start saying bah bah instead. The cats are blowing your tiny little mind lately. Its like Elvis has entered the room and is sitting next to you. You almost can't contain yourself when they try to love on you. Its all too exciting.... all you can do is reach out a single finger and run it through their hair. Bailey and Althea are such good big sisters. They will take a good amount of your dolphin like language which you reserve souly for the cats. But when they have had enough, so far they have been firm but gentle with you. I may have to invest in kitty downers for Althea when you move into that "carry kitty" phase. That bald bellied little freak hates being picked up but for you, she may make an exception. I should also invest in an escape free baby cage/crib as I suspect you will be a climbing monkey before too long. I just wanted to say, happy 9 months little peanut butter! Thanks for blowing my tiny little mind on a regular basis...

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  1. Great post my darlin'! And oh so true. Was a lil hard to read through my face full of (joyous!)tears though. Being a dad has sure made my (already quick tears) come even quicker these days.