Sunday, November 16, 2008

~ten things that make me love Nashville

1.... you absolutely never know who may be sitting next to you at the bar.
2.... it's like the land of Rob's long lost twin brothers. Big beards, glasses, and hats are like a uniform
3.... once in a while you hear a good true tennessean Dolly Parton twang, and not just in the Cracker Barrel
4.... at any moment you may well be in a spot where Hank Williams got drunk, Waylon may have gotten strung out, and on and on
5... because the idea of making a life there is so completely possible
6.... you may have basement recording studios in the houses on either side of you
7.... it has the good taste of Seattle with very little of the hipster attitude
8.... on any given night, there is something decent to go out and listen to in a bar
9.... PBR tallboys are cheaper than sin and tastier than any other place on earth
10.... it makes us forget the troubles we left back home and renews us with a whole world of possibilities. We know that no matter what, we can chuck everything and just move there

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