Sunday, November 2, 2008

~stepping out into thin air

I need to get past this feeling of inadequacy.... that no one needs to hear my voice spoken. For so long I have gathered inspiration, encouragement, and joy from many many bloggers from around the world. Finally I decided that perhaps... perhaps I might have a little something to give back in return. And, this is a turning point in our lives. What better time to chronicle the path we're on. What better time to challenge myself to explore my own possibility. To the few family and friends who grace me by reading along, I thank you for letting me hear my own voice. I sort of wonder if this is all that much different from when I would sit in front of the mirror and cry as a child. But so what if it is..... I'm an individual who has always felt things deeply, and really reveled in those feelings whether they be joyful or painful. The ability to step away from those feelings and look at them objectively has helped me grow over the years. So here it is..... the good, the bad, and the embarrassingly 'francie' moments of our lives.


  1. I'm really glad you started a blog. I am very proud of you, not only for that, but also because of the amazing wife you are and mother you will be, and for the dreams you have. Never stop pursuing your dreams. I know you'll succeed, if only you try! I love you.

  2. someone always likes to hear us.

    that is true.

    sometimes we just cant notice.

    all is good, though.

    [[ ]]

    like your text feel, youre a

    simple, warm person.

    believe, and you will


    God is your Light.