Friday, May 6, 2011

more architectural daydreams

I think I like daydreaming about my future kitchen more than any other aspect of the house. Perhaps that is because our current kitchen has about 1 sq/ft of built in counter space. And that 1 foot disappears if you need to open a drawer to retrieve a utensil because the drawers are built in directly above the "counter." We added a bakers rack but that still forces me to choose only one appliance to be left on the counter at a time. And in our house, that is the coffee pot. I would normally skip the electric pot for a french press but our quaint farmhouse sink is too old to accommodate a garbage disposal and the feel of french press used grounds on my hand as I try to slosh it all down into the compost bucket is just too gross. SO, back to my dream kitchen..... one of the things that helped me know Rob was the one, was that he said he always dreamt of having Larry and Abby's kitchen table from Dharma and Greg. The big counter top island made from 2 gorgeous wine barrels. I can't believe I can't find a picture on line of it anywhere. Anyhoo, even though I dream of a nice small cozy home in the woods, the kitchen in my head comes up lovely and open to the rest of the space. I saw this picture today and it got me dreaming again.

Donna Wilson's blog...
the cement counter.... the reclaimed wood cabinets..... the old school drawer pulls.... the subway tile. Rob should seriously ban me from looking at design blogs cuz it does nothing to help subdue my desire to move.

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