Saturday, August 15, 2009

~by the fire's light

We had a beautiful evening last night. To many people, it was just a warm friday evening. But for us, it was the eve of something special that we would sadly not get to participate in. 40 years ago this weekend, thousands of people, young and old, gathered in Bethel, NY. And this weekend, out behind Max Yasgur's barn, 2 beautiful friends got married. 5 years ago this weekend, Rob and I also tied the knot out there on Max's farm. So we took last night as an opportunity to just sit back and reflect on our adopted family out east. We told Bridget stories of these crazy beautiful characters that we adore. As I sipped my sangria, I sang John Prine into Bridget's soft little head. And Bridget let me. This was her first campfire. She was fascinated by it. The whole thing seemed very serious to her. She's become such an active little one now a days. These rare moments of snuggles catch me off gaurd. It's hard to imagine that one day, not too far off, our little Birdy girl will be toddling around. So for now, I cherish these instances where she rests her chin on my chest and watches me sing as though I had invented song itself. As I sang, she would stretch her skinny little legs out towards the fire. Her little toes would wiggle and spread. You could almost hear her say "awwww yeah. that feels good." I looked over at Rob as I finished a song. He was leaned back in his rocking chair, eyes closed. I asked where he was, though I didn't have to ask. All we needed was the hum of a not so distant drum circle and bursts of laughter, and he could transport himself into the Vernville camp. Eventually, Bridget drifted off to sleep and I took a moment to really be thankful for the blessing that I was
given. I had dreamed and prayed for many years to be right where I was.... next to a phenomenal best friend and rocking our beautiful and healthy child. And I reflected on God's promise that carried me through those rough monthes not so long ago. "Just wait and see what I have planned for you." And I had to smile.... never would I have imagined at that moment that I would have a husband that has blossomed into a wonderful stay at home parent. And I certainly would never have imagined that I would be starting back to school to become an RN. But God is great, all the time. And I am thankful. So, congratulations to Bob and Marcy!!!! Getting to know you and love you was one of the greatest parts of 2008!

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